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By Pandora

Introducing "Ugly Paintings" - An Underground Art Boutique in Bergmankiez, Kreuzberg, Berlin

In the heart of Kreuzberg, Berlin, a hidden gem awaits those who seek art that is as elegant as it is enigmatic. "Ugly Paintings" is more than just an art space; it's a portal to the darker, more intelligent side of artistic expression. The experience of Ugly Paintings is reserved for the inquisitive few, as it opens its doors once a month by invitation only. To gain access to this extraordinary world of artistic exploration, simply write to us at

Ugly Paintings is not your ordinary art boutique. It's a place where the boundaries of art are stretched, where creativity knows no limits. This underground art sanctuary is deeply rooted in the history of the art scene in Berlin, where countless artists have found a canvas to express themselves. It's a place where art comes alive, where hundreds of artists have exhibited their masterpieces, musicians have graced the stage with unforgettable performances, and world-class DJs have spun mesmerizing sets that transcend time and space.

The story of Ugly Paintings is entwined with that of "Untergeschoss der Pandora" and the Pandora Berlin project, which took its first breath in 2016. This place is drenched in history, where art and creativity have flourished for years. As "Untergeschoss der Pandora" transitioned to a larger space, a new chapter unfolded, giving birth to the Ugly Paintings art boutique. This is a unique space that complements the original art gallery, offering a more intimate and personal experience.

At Ugly Paintings, you'll find a carefully curated collection of art that evolves with the gallerist's ever-changing mood. This dynamic approach ensures that each visit to the boutique is a new and exciting experience. The gallerist and director of both art projects, a visionary artist themselves, is your guide through this enigmatic world of art.

But Ugly Paintings isn't just about visual art; it's a part of a broader artistic ecosystem. Under the name "Pandora's Music Box," a music label thrives here, adding yet another layer to the sensory experience. Music and art intertwine to create an environment where creativity knows no boundaries.

For those who appreciate art that challenges conventions, stimulates the intellect, and engages the senses, Ugly Paintings is an essential destination. It's a place where artists meet other artists, where minds meld, and where the boundaries of creativity are continuously pushed. Explore the hidden corners of your imagination and embark on a journey through the elegant and dark art that defines Ugly Paintings.

Schleiermacherstrasse 18, 10961 

Berlin, Kreuzberg